A Wild Kritten is about discovering happiness in the muddled mess of life. It’s about finding what gets you out of bed in the morning, letting go of what weighs you down, and building a life you’re proud of.

My name is Kristen (aka Kritten).  I used to live in Washington DC and worked a pretty typical 9-5 job. After three years in the city, it still didn’t like home. Something just wasn’t right. I struggled to figure out why. I had a life — friends, family, an apartment — but it just didn’t fit. It wasn’t the life I wanted.

So, I decided to make a change. I quit my job and moved across the country to start over.

Now I live in Denver, Colorado! While I’m still searching for what makes me happy, I think I’ve finally found a place to call home.

Between the hiking on weekends, building a writing career, and exploring my new home, I keep pretty busy. But nothing’s perfect and I’m still in search of the life I want. Join me as I explore the process of starting over, building a life, and living on my own terms.

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